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Found 3 results

  1. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle Living in the Light: Money, Sex, & Power by John Piper If any of these dont work for you let me know.
  2. Those that control the History controls the Future. And those that control the present controls the Past- George Orwell (1984) I don't know if this has already been posted but I would like to cover it. In the past few years things have been happening around the world to black people in particular which sparked my interest in finding out why. The Hidden Colors series by Tariq Nasheed pointed me in the right direction and master teachers like Dr. Delbert Blair and Dr. Claude Anderson not only showed me how to play the game but how to win in the process. In order to beat the system you first have to study it. Topics like human origin, religion, and astrology helped open my eyes. I'm interested in hearing y'all feedback in this open form. Let's swap game.
  3. "I'm tryna show you the large picture, ya pops wasn't no gangsta.... He was just another lost nigga" -Loaded Lux Now I been getting hit up a lot and been in contact with a lot people and one of the main topics was not having money to invest due to lack of funds, time, and resources, some got started and are doing quite well and that's fine but lets move on, (if u want more on that visit my site ) But let's get to what we came to learn : instant credit and how to use it (the large picture) 3quick facts before I get started 1. Credit is second to cash and is very vital to ur future so if ur 17-18 listen real closely cuz y'all getting the game very early. 2. Money is everything, no paper equals no resources nobody wants to be bothered with someone who ain't got no paper. Ur a slave to ya own brokeness (y'all know that I'm just reiterating) but being able to "afford" means access 3. Knowing how to use what u got to get what u want. There's things that your entitled to but some of us don't know our rights as people in society. Your name(reputation) means more than u think Ok let's begin Now for those who have payday loans, and bad credit u can really benefit from this and it's not too late to use the system and not let the system use u, and for those who don't have credit yet lend me ur ears Now I use to be a big cash in the stash type nigga ( I still am) but I've learned how to use credit to handle my business expenses, while I save and build up my cash stash. That's how the white people do it. They don't spend their own money...(let that marinate for a second) U see theirs two main kinds of credit (personal & business) U gotta learn how to use them both. But for now I'm just talking personal credit. If u have no credit or bad credit ur targeted by the banks and lenders when times are good but avoided when times are hard (like now) I'll touch up on that later... In actuality (this gone fuck y'all up) they charge poor people more just to give those who have more, even MORE (nah mean) they tell the masses it's to penalize them for their past credit mistakes but explain this, how are there rich people who have more in debt than a poor person ever earned in their life times? (what part of the game is that?) #connections But heres how to turn it around and get instant credit to build or to reestablished ya self. Since u ain't got a credit history or u got a bad one, u dont qualify for normal credit accounts with low apr's but for those who need a quick $300 and wanna build their stash this is how u do it. The answer is subprime credit cards, they prey on bad lenders cuz of the high apr's and fees they charge but there's a way to pimp them while they thinking they pimpin you, remember what I said earlier "your reputation is everything" Leave feedback, comment, and check out my visit my site Then I'll drop part two if that's what y'all want?