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Found 2 results

  1. Rue 21 Gift Card - $20 Peep my link I'm selling Rue21 $20 gift card credits for $10 You can stack up to 5 codes at one time for $100 If you want to cop more than 1 I can hook you up with multiple $20 gift cards for a lower price as well. Hit me up, Valentines Day is coming soon & I know y'all might wanna cop something for wifey on the low so...come thru <3
  2. Sub-prime credit cards are meant to give second chances to people who have credit issues or don’t have any credit to begin with so that’s who they target. They have a bad reputation throughout society because people are careless and don’t know how to control they spending and usually mess up they second chance which happens in most cases not just with credit(relationships, jobs, etc) so the penalties are higher usually up to 29% apr’s but let me explain how to manipulate the apr’s. The company that I manipulate preapproves u for $300 instantly unless u a terrorist or just ain’t never paid nobody(even then Ive seen people get approved) now once approved you’ll get a confirmation and ya card in about 7-9 days. they give you 14 days to activate the card. Now here is their hustle. If you don’t activate the card in 14 days they cancel it out. So this forces you to pay a $75 activation fee which is charged to the card and put on ya first bill. (which comes 30 days later) so your real starting balance is $225 now once you set up ya account and start making on time payments they immediately raise ya limit (because their trying to get you to get greedy)but even if u use the entire balance just make your payments on time so that your not penalized because again they want you to slip up so that they can charge you fees that’s where they make their money. the website to sign up is you can do your research on sub prime and what i like to do read the rip off reports to see what issues people have had but judging by their situations most of the time is their carelessness and inability to read the fine print. but this works for those who are in this situation needing a quick buck and wanna build credit for your future. any questions leave feedback and for quick replies hit up im always logged in there.