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  1. Hmmm i used to play this game casually from like 06 till Mid April 2k10. I wasnt the best, but i was competitive. Ummm ill list my characters in order of last played. Rayrayy, 80 priest - Top dps Spriest before i quit RayyRay 80 Mage - used to be a gnome b4 WOTLK came out, and leveled just for fun, used to play hard heavy in season 3 and got 2200 arena rating, Boomin - 80 dk, got to 80 and that was it, dont like DKs too much :/ Shammey - ~73 shaman, used to be 70 and leveld for fun in Burning Crusade, but the game loses its zip to me after a while. is my armory for reference purposes. But i dont really play much at all anymore, i may log on once in a while though. I liked it while i played it, just got tired of it. edit:i got hella cash if u wanted to make a character on my server, could be a good start for ya :)
  2. but for the f11. i think thats yo problem.
  3. Ive gotten a pair of dunks from there, wasnt the best shipping, but legit.
  4. They was only in kids sizes iirc
  5. Drake
  6. no1 posts here anymore :( edit:forgot pic
  7. Welcome back Homie.
  8. iono. maybe the pic. they look good any other time
  9. i Wore sum today
  10. lol. itd be funny if on the 8th day he hit us wit sum aqua fusions id laugh.
  11. I got the two Dee Brown ones cause i liked the dunk :)
  12. dont laugh at me too much. im still new to the shoe game. itheres a few pairs i left out cause i got tired of tryna to find boxes. i was gonna start doin 2 different shoes per box like on the end but fuck it u get the idea. Heres my contribution!
  13. the middle is a shirt i found for them :) edit: didnt upload pic :X
  14. well guess i should rephrase, thanks for helpin my post count too btw. but i usually just wear my CDP 9s most the time, and just pull out new stuff when i feel like bein fly, really no need to get dressed since all i do is work, and go to class, but i just like to have the shoes cause i like kicks, knockin on 30 pairs, still only wear 1 or 2.