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  1. Thanks Huckleberry for providing the pics and video. They have to be some new clothing lines that are out. I do not know any of the clothing lines now. I lost connection after rocawear, sean jean, phat farm, ecko, akadmiks and lrg sort of faded out. I was researching postgame clothing.
  2. Hey everyone. Can you tell me what jersey and cap that was bow wow was wearing the other day on 106 & park when remy ma came on? It's a red jersey says heart, and number 84. And he had on a cap. And can you tell me what shirt that is french montana has on in the they don't love you know more video with the heart at the bottom. I like both of those shirts and wouldn't mind getting them if they make them large enough for me. Thank you.
  3. I feel you and understand completely what you're saying. There are really just so many different variations now.
  4. So, I know that everyone right now is really on OG Jordans. I was thinking the other day about all of the Jordans that Jordan brand is putting out now. I think the problem with the new generation of Jordans is the fact that there is no story or history behind them. When Mike was playing, the Jordans he wore became legend. Then, I started thinking about the true meaning of OG shoes from the past... you know, everything is hype and an image.. a lot of shoes that come to me is local memories because of the guys I remember wearing them at the local recreation games.. they were home town heroes. And, they are my favorite memories. The Jordan 10's were worn by a 6'6 guy and the Shawn Kemp Reebok Kamikazes were worn by a 6'4 guy. The two wore black goggles and gold and black jerseys. They were called the twin towers, and were 9-1 their season. They went to the conference finals. Then, the Deon Sanders were worn by a guy who was known for them as his signature shoes on the basketball court. Jordan 7 was the first J's I ever got, Jordan 8's were the second. I always liked the Jordan 9's. Then I had the Eddie Jones Jordan, mostly white, with a little black and red. I had two pair of Jordan 14's. And a pair of Jordan Showcase. Those are my favorites.. my back stock are the Nike Air Bakin, Grant Hill Fila's, Patrick Ewing shoes, and any Allen Iverson shoes - Question, Answer I or Answer 4.
  5. I feel what you're saying, and I respect that Fifteen Wavester. The big deal about Jordan's are Michael Jordan change the NBA game. And, not only did he change the game, but he did it in the coolest, flashy shoes that people had never seen on a basketball court. Michael Jordan and his shoes are legend, and that;s what it is. Like you said, during the past people did buy them because they couldn't wait to get them on the court. I mean they wore them to wear, hoop in, and everything till they fell apart, then got some more. But, the prices were no where like today.. and keep in mind, the shoes were made with stronger material then as well. I just want to say thank you to everyone for their responses, I like everyone posts. And, I think like everyone said, the main key is be yourself. You have people in school and college, who may want a pair of authentic jordans, to look nice to school everyday, pay $200-$300 and that's all good. Then, you may have a person who just go with the new day jordan brand kicks, or really not concern about jordan, but just buy whatever nice kicks they see which is fly as well. Then you have a person like me, an older young person, who is working, need to focus more on other things now. I work in a place where you would not want to wear the best, nicest shoes, and I work with a lot of women, mostly older women who are not thinking about sneakers one way or the other. So, for me, replica's really grab my attention, because they look so close to the authentics now. It gives me the satisfaction, of the fun times and great games I watched in the past, and personal events related in my life connected to different Jordan shoes, but with the prices of replicas, you can wear them, if they fall apart that's ok, you have another pair to put on.
  6. Yes indeed, that's a big part right there. If they get dirty or messed up, you don't have to worry about them... because you didn't pay a lot for them in the first place.
  7. I feel you. That's real talk. It's just so much easier, save time and money.
  8. Thanks Justice, and you're right. I feel the same way too. It's about what stage of life you're in. Like today when I was walking around an event I had to go too.. no one was thinking about me and my shoes one way or the other lol. But, probably for one, I wasn't in "trying to stunt" mode. And, then, like you said.. i'm not even trying to front lol.
  9. Hey Everyone, So i'm making this post because I really have a problem with where Jordans have came in the year 2013. I'm a little older then most of you, so when I was a kid. I remember my classic mall. I would go to Foot Locker with my mom, and if I could get whatever Jordan I wanted, because it was in Foot Locker. The Good Old Days. No one, trying to resell shoes, or wearing once, and then don't want there shoes anymore. It's a shame to me, you cannot even by originals Jordans in the store anymore, because they are gone before they even leave the ups, fed-ex boxes. Shoes that retail at 160, people are trying to sell for $300, $400 dollars. If you're rich, that's not all that bad. But, if you're just an everyday person... that money could be use for rent, utilities, car payment.. it's a lot. Now to talk about fakes.. When I was young, a fake jordan was one that was sold at your local store like payless, kmart, and places you know good and well jordans wouldn't be.. made by companies who try to imitate jordans, with a fake similar logo, and they were embarassing and extremely bad. Then, fakes turned into what I would refer to as "never even made" Jordans - Sponge Bob Square Pants Jordans, Michael Jackson Jordans, Hello Kitty Jordans, Jordans with air bubbles, just way out of place shoes.. jordan colors that never even existed. They were awful as well.. Now 2013, Fakes have change into replicas.. it gives me a whole different feeling, when you see a replica that looks so much like the official shoe, you would have to just be that insecure and picky to notice the difference. I mean, sometimes I feel bad for sneakerheads, because replicas have became so common, you just think that if a person have them on.. they replicas.. you don't believe a person paid $300 for a pair of sneakers. I honestly feel like replicas have gone to a whole new level. Being a size 14, 15, it's very rare to see some Jordans that I actually want in my size.. you go to the replicas, and they have exactly what you want.. and for what.. $50-$100 dollars. And, for me, it's just what the shoes symbolize, i'm a big jordan fan, look at ones and see the beginning of his career.. look at 7 and 8's and remember my mom buying them for me in school, for getting straight a's. look at 11's, and remember space jam. so, I just feel it all depends on who you are, and how you feel within yourself. Idk about you all in school, but to me jordans are sentimental. Now, I have a good job, but, I work with nothing but older women who could care less, and it's no purpose of wearing your best shoes because they are going to get messed up. Replica Jordans could give me the satisfaction of what I love, and represent.. with saving money, it's like a win win. And, I don't have to worry if they get messed up, because I can always get more.. just enjoy myself. That's how I feel. I don't know about people trying to pass replicas off for authentic, because that's truly not necessary.
  10. I feel y'all. Thank u.
  11. What's up 360, I'm a person really into different pendants. I wanted to see if anyone know where I can find the Bart Simpson like Gucci Mane, or the Foghorn Leghorn like Waka Flocka. I like cartoon pendants, and I also like pendants that are 8-10 inches.
  12. i don't understand what's so funny. i just bought some 14's from a guy earlier, and bought some pippen's from another guy sz 14. i'm not talking about online stores. i'm talking about individuals who wear those sizes. the size most basketball players wear.
  13. I was just curious, anyone have og jordans they are trying to sell, sz 14 or sz 15?
  14. what do you guys think our the best snap backs? personally, i like the charlotte hornets and seattle super sonics.
  15. lol! yea i did, i'm really feeling the beat. plus, i still like fitted caps. snap backs are gonna die one day, and people r gonna be back on fitted caps. that's what i believe. everything is a fad.