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  1. Haven't bought CD's for over 10 years. Just something special for the ride.
  2. Since we are posting cars, I see your Jeep and raise you one
  3. Very cool. No interior shots?
  4. yoooooo about that toothbrush. that thing works. made them whiter. i would say a regular toothbrush just removes obvious stuff but a toothbrush like this removes everything. highly recommend it
  5. Just a couple things from the past week.
  6. Got this around 2 months back. also a little feedback on that stuff I bought. I dont like to start looking for good things to say about something new I'm using so this is real. i used the toothbrush for a few days and the thing somehow made the surface of my teeth smooth as hell. many testimonials claim it does lighten things within 2 weeks so we ll see. as for the waterpik, i cant say ive noticed anything yet but mine is also leaking for some reason so i have to take it back in to exchange. i know yall niggas scared to go in the dentist so just thought id say that.
  7. What black toothbrush? The Oral B Black 7000?
  8. Looks like a lot of posts are missing. What I got tonight: Been buying stuff like that lately. Bought this a few weeks ago:
  9. Missed this very nice. The same thing to kyu's watch.
  10. Very fine idea