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  1. why not buy the asics from a shoe store????
  2. All you need for summer Summer footwear. Adidas or Nike flip flops Its summer time invest in some Sperry's and shoe spray
  3. um to the durag question. whenever you are not doing anything. Basically if you are in you house, dorm, apartment, or whatever not doing anything. wear your durag after you brush.
  4. IN that sese i was speaking about the PS3 where you have to buy the BC stuff to make it BC Now some of them are supposed to be BC but the older version of PS3 are not supposed to be and you can get the BC put in but you have to pay. I wasn't speaking on the new one when i was talking bout the tradeoff thing
  5. Sony always want to make money by makin us pay for the backwards compatible add ons. At least Microsoft dont make you pay for BC, you just got to download that shit. Then again i guess it is a tradeoff cuz you gotta pay for Live for Xbox systems but dont have to pay for PSN for PS systems.
  6. Why is that coonish. I got a headphone collection. I listen to alot of music and just acquired alot of different types of headphones over the years. from earbuds to actual studio headphones. Bout to go cop them new joints from Ludacris like next week. I see you Sneakerholic Damn these bitches is sick.
  7. Well I like fitteds more than snapbacks. But if im wolfing im gonna want a snapback so i can adjust the width of the cap so it dont give me hat hair when i take it off
  8. Yeah niggas in MD will drag a nigga over some new kicks Same shit down here in GA. When them Concords came niggas rushed the mall, pryed the door open n all that.
  9. Cuz getting into a nursing program after doing a bachelors means you tryna do grad school degree for nursing That where you become a specialist and can get a head nursing job easier
  10. Wait are you trying to get in the nursing program where you go to more college to get major bucks or just the basic nursing associates or bachelors degree to start work ASAP ? Cuz that makes a difference
  11. No they don't pop it's a hard plastic compound that the bubble is made of. Unless you gonna run over road spikes or stick to foot down the garbage disposal you good nigga
  12. THink of something you really enjoy doing even under mad pressure then thats what you do. Me i can fix shit on computers no matter the pressure so i decided to do computer science as my major. Once i did it turns out I had a knack for coding and shit
  13. Oh yeah when you do figure out what you want to do make sure you do an internship at some time in either your junior or senior year. I recommend shooting for the senior year 1st semester. I cant wait to graduate in a couple months, but im going to grad school possibly GA Tech