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  1. nigeria= scam, could of told u that 4 years ago
  2. shame on you people for making fun of this incompetent child. the only place lil court doesnt get judge is when hes wearing his helmet in his bus with only 6 rows, leave em alone!!!!!!
  3. not funny^^^^ why are all of the OPs threads gettin ragged on lol, and where did you find that pic? shit is extra old
  4. lol....we know they say their respective brand name on em....the statement was made that they look the looking at those pics, how are they "comp diff"? same shit. and that guy (ca) thats a also that same guy (ed hardy) who designs BOTH brands... so i dont want anyone to try and sit there and try to lie to me and tell me those shirt do not look the same....cause they are, and the same little troll whose behind the design of one is behind the other.
  5. ^^^lol, i guess you a pro. I guarantee I can find an ed hardy that can easily be mistaken for a C.A......same ducks makin em
  6. ill never understand yall....i can show you an affliction shirt (without you knowing what it is) and youd probly guess its ed hardy, i can show you an C.A. shirt and youd guess its ed hardy, i can show you an ed hardy, and youd guess its affliction. its almost the exact same shit. C.A. just put alot more glittery shiney materials on their shirts.
  7. chickkicksandpornoflixpart2>chickskicksandpornoflixpart1
  8. if you struggling...maybe you should just...stop spending money on shit that doesnt matter
  9. i like em, and what i think should be what matters to everyone the most
  10. what point are you trying to make???
  11. who are you and i can respect diddy, i just dont understand that shit. youd be surprise at how many companies would release a shirt like that, wish i could help
  12. that shit is lame, but that macbook pro in the back is on point
  13. theres certain times to wear when your outfit warrants a tie. if you sitting there wearing some lame ass clothing and decide to throw a tie on, your still not fresh. or as some of the 360 members would say, your swagg would be wack.
  14. i forgot you young....forgive me