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  1. Black butler is one of my favorite series. @nd season was nice too
  2. I hope Sakura gets killed off, I speed read through all of her wack ass dialog. She is so pointless
  3. This shit is finally getting good. Can't wait till this stuff is animated
  4. I saw this thread had been bumped and decided to write a review after watching..... you said the EXACT SAME THING I was going to say This is a great anime... just can be a little bit slow
  5. My favorite anime is Phantom Requiem But I think the best anime of all time is One piece
  6. I started watching this anime but dropped it after the 3rd episode. Don't get me wrong, Casshern is dope... it was just a little too dark for what I wanted at the time. I still have the series on my comp and i'm gonna watch it soon
  7. I'm on ep 384, I would have been further but I stopped to watched a few shorter ones. I love One Piece
  8. quality post brah
  9. I'm gonna have to give this title to One Piece.... I watched 300 eps in like two week lol. Close second might be Rahxephon. The ending had me like
  10. Mad wack. Wack. Wack.
  11. You mad, ma?
  12. post the Japanese spoilers
  13. ^^ nice summary. I hope they turn this into an anime.. I'm not too fond of manga
  14. where did you read/hear about this? link or something brah
  15. I only had a hard time finding it because you called it an anime in your original post