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  1. Can you share a few reasons to read the books, from your experience? @s1eepyboy
  2. Lmao this thread been motivation for damn near a decade. I gotta get this breaddd
  3. Whatever you do, just start on it. It's always easy to wait for the right time to work on something, but it's far more practical to work on it when you can & when it's the right time. I'm trying to write a book now, and I'm reminded randomly about shit that needs to be written in it. I have a finish date in mind, so I know how much time I have to get on my shit. Set a deadline, and you'll feel sick if you aren't up to par with it.
  4. Junior at the University of Miami. Biggest fan of my heartbreaking ass Canes
  5. Dawg this semester ate me alive. Good news is I scheduled this to be the hardest semester of my undergraduate career, so it's done. Calc 2 literally shitted on me, and I'm not looking forward to seeing grades because I know my GPA will be taking a hit smh. I didn't do well on my calc 2 and orgo 1 finals, but other than that I hope I'm coming out ok. Unrelated, I've been elected president of an organization as well as 1st vice president of the main black organization on campus.
  6. Got an A+, 2 A-s, 2 As, and a B this semester. After getting a 60 on my first chem test, that B is the best B i've ever gotten in my life lmaooo. Next semester will be my most difficult semester ever though... Good luck to all y'all folks grindin. We gon make it y'all *Skoolboy from rich kidz voice*
  7. Niggas still roasting for no reason lol. Instagram pic so my bad on the filter Rockies , H&M jacket, 508s, eggplant halfcents, UMiami tag lol
  8. Yeah I'm watching champloo now; another pro about Air Gear is that the soundtrack is entirely too dope. I can pretty much guarantee that you'll like them both though
  9. Lol step into the time machine
  10. I must be the only nigga without any user games lmao. I'm 4-8 now and discouraged
  11. Not no more
  12. Currently on a 3 game losing streak to computer
  13. Yeah i lost my first then simmed one smh, now i just won 2 straight. It'll all be good if yall can make it to the playoffs lol
  14. I literally told y'all computer will be hard to beat with HOF lol, yall niggas don't listen. Just gotta play harder lol and at this nigga thinking im getting rid of Varejao