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  1. Did you try the Levis 562 they are Loose Taper Also, if your interested I got some brand new Unbranded 301s still with tags, they are raw selvedge denim, a step up from the Levis STF, they retail for $80 but I'll give you a discount, just pm me if your interested
  2. This is Young Hu$tla and I approve of this message.
  3. Just pick what you enjoy best they are both great careers, that have good job security and pay that aren't that far away from each other. Good to see fellow engineers What's the difference, I thought electrical engineers make electronics lol. Isn't that more with music and EQ and mixing and mastering making music CD quality, like a sound engineer.
  4. is a good place
  5. actually I have been seeing Wale and Big Sean, and others rocking jerseys more often. Especially Wale
  6. I am currently rereading Think and Grow Rich, Psycho Cybernetics is next!
  7. where to get some uniqlo khakis/chinos online or similar pants, slim fitting not those baggys shit you see dads wearing His are a little to big for him but I like the pants
  8. you already know, I see you. how is that AMPM
  9. nigga got the YSL shades, how much were they?
  10. nice fit, info on the pants please
  11. I know if you have a droid there are apps that are like llimewire. But it if you don't, its coo to as long as you have internet then just go to
  12. u can use itunes to make the album the same name then add the artwork either on itunes or media player once for the whole group
  13. OR12303
  14. my dad has the droid 2, ( he has the global but same thing), he has the same complaint. But you should download advanced task killer it should help save alot to save ur battery
  15. and get reaper over audacity, that shit isn't really "free" but they give u the program and trust that after 30days you will pay the fee to keep the program if you like it. But if you don't pay nothin happens