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  1. It gives me perspective, knowledge, and understanding. The words from these authors touch my soul.
  2. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle Living in the Light: Money, Sex, & Power by John Piper If any of these dont work for you let me know.
  3. while bumping Kehlani album
  4. Yeah. BUT. You would have to make 2 accounts because you can only stack 5 at a time
  5. @Toran7 nahhhh i didnt see ya other response But yeah. I'll have em whenever yall ready
  6. Giving out deals for y'all because I love you too. If you want $100 worth of gift cards (which is 5 $20 gift cards).......I'll give that to you for $30
  7. Rue 21 Gift Card - $20 Peep my link I'm selling Rue21 $20 gift card credits for $10 You can stack up to 5 codes at one time for $100 If you want to cop more than 1 I can hook you up with multiple $20 gift cards for a lower price as well. Hit me up, Valentines Day is coming soon & I know y'all might wanna cop something for wifey on the low so...come thru <3
  8. No hate, but I'm just relieved it's not Lebron. But who really cares about the cover...gamertag on Xbox is s1eepyboy. See me when it comes out. Oh &...
  9. cheap fitteds without a hookup? nah. honestly though, just go to soho & mainly manhattan & you can find shit. if you looking for stuff for the low just shop online.
  10. Yo, chill ma. Size 8 >
  11. On my balcony before I headed to school.
  12. I had more fun in ME1 than ME2 (was expecting it to be way longer) but right now that's the only game I love that I don't need multiplayer to play through it.
  13. Get a new pair.