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  1. <--Twista. Sup gutta. glad to see your doing well and glad to see you stopped by!
  2. You ddint list any prices??? Must be free???
  3. my gf said thats the one she downloaded and it works fine
  4. I Cant see the picture
  5. Nice NYCZ. Wish i had a console to join in.
  6. Not I
  7. How is watching TV any better than playing a video game .. once again
  8. thats nasty and i wont no part of it
  9. i still rock timbs.... Are there better ones out there
  10. Co-sign again. Im not racist about my race, but black people in general dont take action till shit is happening in there own community. I think we need to stand up for everyone so it doesn't happen to us or anyone before it even gets to our community. But Jordan did donate a lot of money for the Katrina hurricane.
  11. This post was hidden. It is now approved so im quoting it so everyone see it. -Automated Reply.
  12. Co-sign. Many people report Jordan is a asshole in person. Hes famous... hes a dick i heard. But back in like 1999 ya i admit i use to cop his shoes (parents brought them) and was geeked.. Now days i dont even bother.
  13. None buf if i was.. itll be Bf3 of course
  14. no, sorry.