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  4. One rich nigga fan, two rich nigga fan.
  5. I walked in front of a small one by accident the other day and I was surprised at how strong it was. Can't remember how cool it was. Didn't know which one was as big as the one you had, so I ordered the AM11 and the AM07. The AM11 has $70 filters that need to get replaced twice yearly so it's a rich nigga fan. I guess I'll keep which one is the strongest.
  6. It could just be placebo talking, but it does definitely seem that the air the Dyson pushes out is considerably cooler than the surrounding air and even that of my regular fan. Though I love it either way, thing is dumb strong! I have a pretty large room, and on full speed (10) I can feel it from anywhere in the room.
  7. Does it really cool?
  8. If memory serves me right, it's the AM07. I love it, been using it daily all summer. Also comes with a remote and has a built in timer which is pretty convenient.
  9. Which Dyson model is this?
  10. Haven't bought CD's for over 10 years. Just something special for the ride.
  11. Rogue out here stuntin on 360
  12. Since we are posting cars, I see your Jeep and raise you one
  13. It gives me perspective, knowledge, and understanding. The words from these authors touch my soul.
  14. Can you share a few reasons to read the books, from your experience? @s1eepyboy
  15. Yo whats yo method for them straight connections bro? I'm gonna be double brushin w/ hard brushes this whole year to get my pattern back, then next year I will be using soft brushes to get the connects straight. How you do it though?

  16. books neva helped me i had to go learn from da block like after harassing bitches
  17. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle Living in the Light: Money, Sex, & Power by John Piper If any of these dont work for you let me know.
  18. Cut my dreads✅😬

  19. You can find designer pendants and chains online at ease. Last week i purchased a yellow gold diamond pendant online from a online jewellery store.
  20. while bumping Kehlani album
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